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GA4 Audit Helper Dashboard

Created by: Kickpoint Playbook
Cost: Free

Dana DiTomaso built this wonderful GA4 audit dashboard that highlights issues with you GA4 implementation. It’s built in Looker Studio, so anyone can connect their GA4 property and give it a whirl (no data is stored in Looker Studio since it is a direct connection to GA4).

This dashboard is perfect for you if:

  • You’re new to GA4 and want to easily see the most important data
  • Your Universal Analytics property was auto-migrated to GA4 and you’re not sure if you should keep it or create a new one
  • You’ve been granted access to a new GA4 property and want to make sure it’s set up correctly
  • You’re experiencing strange issues with your GA4 property and need help troubleshooting
  • You want to ensure that your ecommerce configuration is capturing all the necessary data.

Plus, Dana created this wonderful write up on how to use the dashboard with excellent descriptions around all of the metrics and dimensions.

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