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Google Analytics UTILS

Created by: Luratic

This Chrome extension offers a range of features to help you manage your GA4 analytics. With this extension, you can change your GA4 IDs, enable debug mode, block analytics hits, block GTM load, and inject a GTM container.

Some of the key features of this extension include:

  • Debug Mode: This feature allows you to dispatch events in real-time and view them in the Debug View console.
  • Request Blocking: You can block any request to GA4, UA, GTM, and GTAG.
  • ID Edition: You can set an ID that will be used for requests instead of the original, which is useful if you want to see events on the Debug View but don’t have access to that property.
  • GTM Container and GTAG Injection: The scripts will be injected on the page with the specified ID.
  • Domain Filtering: You can set any extension option to be applied only for specific domains of your choice.

This extension provides a range of useful features to help you manage your GA4 analytics more effectively.

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